When you step into the Blue Flame Partnership, you can expect:


  • Spiritual rewards for the ministry work being done.
  • A harvest on financial seed sown.
  • The ministry’s anointing to operate in your own life.
  • Discounts on upcoming events if you are a recurring partner.

 Blue Flame Partnership

Rainfire Ministries International Church Building Fundraiser

Partnership is like a Blue Flame. It is the hottest part of a flame that determines the rate of combustion; it is the hottest zone of the flame and will ignite those that fuel it to produce a continuous burn releasing a fuel that will blaze a pathway for so many more opportunities. With your partnership, prayer and financial support, we can boldly reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ using every available voice, website, social media, podcast, and digital streaming service, etc.

Every day, we receive testimonies of divine healing, restored relationships, supernatural increase, and provision. By ourselves we can do some good, but together, we can do so much more!

The Rewards Of Partnership

When individuals, families, businesses, ministries, and churches sow both prayer and finances into Rain Fire Ministries, the covenant of partnership and the two-way flow of blessings begin.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the one doing the preaching/teaching or if you’re the one supporting the preacher, according to 1 Samuel 30:24-25, the reward for the work will be the same:

For as is the share of him who goes into the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the baggage. They shall share alike. – 1 Samuel 30:24 (AMPC)

In addition to these rewards, you’ll also receive satisfaction knowing that you are reaching far beyond your personal sphere of influence and impacting people all over the world with our life-saving message.

If you’re ready for a Partner in ministry, we’d like to be that Partner. Our greatest days of ministry lie ahead as we minister alongside one another … in partnership!

In this season, we are looking to purchase a Church building here in the Charlotte area. For your seed of $500 or more we will send you our Blue Flame Partnership box that includes a Blue Flame prayer cloth and anointed oil. For your seed of $1,000 or more you will not only receive the Blue Flame Box but also the Glory Bracelet as well. Apostle Tamara has prayed over all items and specifically that God will release the Flame of his Glory in your life.

Click here to be part of Rainfire Ministries Blue Flame Partnership!

Get Ready!


“Something BIG and wonderful is happening to you and me, and for us, right now. I tell you, it’s OUR time! The largest ingathering of souls into the kingdom of God in the history of mankind is at hand, and you and I are right in the middle of it!”

Let’s catch on Fire

-Apostle Tamara McNair-Hicks



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Who We Are

Learn more about Rainfire Ministries

Our Mission
We are a Prophetic Ministry offering classes in Dreams, Visions, Healing and Deliverance. We interpret your dreams through Facebook Live, Periscope or through email at dreams@rainfireministries.org
Prophetic Training
Our Prophetic Courses are designed to train the rising prophet to operate in their office. Our Marriage MInistry is dedicated to breaking down communication barriers and building stronger marriages.
Phoenix Mentorship Program
Prophetess Tamara is sincere in her effort to train God’s Prophets and help them to walk fully and boldly into their individual destinies. The PHOENIX Mentorship Program is an 8-week session designed to help participants reach the specific ministry goals they have set for themselves. There will be additional focus on discovering spiritual gifts that have not yet been revealed.
Personal Consultations
Connect one-on-one with Rainfire Ministries International Prophetess Tamara McNair-Hicks J.D. and have your Dreams and Visions questions answered through our online conference platform. Book a consultation time for a one hour personal consultation at http://registration.rainfireministries.org/
Join us every Sunday at 11:00am EST by Facebook Live and Periscope for Rainfire Ministries e-Church. Come and witness the awesome move of God and be blessed during this Prophetic Release, Healing and Deliverance service.