Minister Cavon Bio


Born in Brooklyn, NY, to a Jamaican mother and an African American father,

Cavon came from a strong, but non traditional, Christian background. He depended on his maternal grandmother for the foundational teaching of Christ which is at work on his life today.


After the passing of his mother in 1982, Minister Cavon was transplanted to Detroit, MI with his father. His paternal grandmother and aunt took on the mantle of Christian rearing. It is during this time, and at the age of 12 that he officially accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Minister Cavon has remained involved in ministry throughout his life


Minister Cavon met Prophetess Tamara in 2007 and soon realized this was the woman God destined for him to marry. On August 16, 2008 they stood before God, Heaven, and their loved ones to establish their covenant.


Minister Cavon and Prophetess Tamara are happily married and currently have three children (Preston (from a previous marriage), Kaléa and Kailani)


Minister Cavon was officially licensed in September 2016. He has accepted his call to ministry and has a great passion for men, youth, and Christian Apologetics. He also has a great affinity for Christian Hip Hop.


Minister Cavon and Prophetess Tamara are founders and joint pastors of Rain Fire Ministries International.